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Landing Fees

When compared to other cargo gateways, Dulles, in many ways offers carriers an advantage on airport operating costs. One example is landing fees.

Landing fees are normally charged on a "per thousand pound basis." Of course the fee itself (Dulles's current fee is $3.70 per 1,000 lbs.*) is significant as this charge varies from airport to airport. However, the basis of the charge is important, too.

Air carriers landing at Dulles pay a landing fee based on the Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) of the aircraft. Some other airports base their landing fee on the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW). When an example of a B747-400F is used, the MTOW can reach 875,000 lbs vs. a MLW of 652,000 lbs--a difference of 223,000 lbs. This difference can prove to be a significant annual cost saving factor for an airline's bottom line.

*Current as of January25, 2012